DASH Training is one of Calgary’s top hockey-specific training facilities. We specialize in off-ice training and on-ice skill development for peewee, bantam, midget, quadrant, junior and pro players. Our programs are designed to help athletes prepare for the next level in hockey both mentally and physically. At DASH, we instil values into our athletes to ensure that they are excellent players on the ice, and also outstanding individuals off the ice. 



Young and Innovative

The founder and all of the on-ice instructors at DASH Training are young and eager to help DASH athletes take their game to the next level. DASH is passionate about bringing the newest innovations within the fitness world right into the gym and on the ice. 

Athletes Learning from Athletes

Zac Whitby is the founder of DASH Training. He is extremely passionate about fitness, hockey and giving athletes the opportunity to reach their full potential. His time spent being an athlete himself, has allowed him to be someone the young athletes are able to relate to and look up to. 

Competitive, Encouraging Environment

Each and every session at DASH is built upon principles to make the athlete the very best version of themselves. The environment is competitive and encouraging which pushes athletes to go a little further. At DASH, it is enforced that all athletes respect each other. “When we are in the gym, we are all equals working to become the very best versions of ourselves.” ~ Zac Whitby

DASH Community

Once you attend a DASH session you become a part of the DASH community. You will be a part of a system of like-minded people who want to see you succeed.

Multi-dimensional Athlete Development

DASH training is designed to promote healthily, well-rounded living. The mission at DASH is to not only develop excellent athletes, but allow those athletes to develop into even greater people. 

Hockey Specific Training

Each and every program at DASH is designed specifically to the athletes goals with the intent to take the athlete to the next level.


DASH Training

The brand new DASH Facility is officially open! We are located at 250021 Mountain View Trail, Calgary, Alberta. The space features the gym on the main floor, as well as a players lounge upstairs designed specifically for DASH Athletes. The players lounge is equipped with a place to warm up food, complete homework, relax in reclining chairs, charge phones/computers, play x-box or watch TV. 

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