DASH Founder, Zac Whitby

2018 - Present

My name is Zac Whitby, and I am the founder/owner of DASH Training. Since I was young, I have had a passion for sports including hockey, football, and lacrosse.
       As sports became more involved, I decided to focus my athletic career on pursuing the game of hockey. I think I grew to love hockey a little more than the rest of the sports because of the brotherhoods I was developing with my team mates, or maybe it was because of the skills I was developing both on and off the ice that made me feel unstoppable.
       I owe a lot of who I am today, to the countless number of hockey mentors, coaches, and players that shaped me to be the person I now am. I learned more about hard work, confidence, trust, and the importance of friendships while playing hockey than I did in any other aspect of my life. Put simply: I love the game of hockey.    
       Along my journey as an athlete, I realized that what I loved most about being a hockey player was the preparation it took to get an edge over the competition. I still remember the difference I felt at Bantam tryouts after spending my first summer with a hockey specific trainer.                                              
I spent countless hours on the ice and in the gym working with trainers and skill coaches learning how my body works, how I should train it, and picking apart all of the individual aspects of my game. I fell in love with the process of becoming better, and in turn I developed a passion for fitness.
       My mission now is to spread my knowledge and passion of fitness and training. I have first hand seen the tremendous results that hockey specific off-ice training can have on a player, and that is why I want to dedicate my career in making other young hockey players bigger, stronger, and faster. I have created DASH Training to help encourage, and build athletes both on and off the ice, because I know the important role that training played in my development. With hard work, consistency, and motivation, you have the power to become the best athlete you can be, by accomplishing goals you never thought were possible. Are you ready to gain an edge on your competition? Let’s do this!
– Zac Whitby
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