Quadrant Bantam Off-Ice Training

Bantam AA, Bantam AAA

Elite Open Gym
Fall/Winter In-Season Program

Who is This Program Designed For?

The Bantam Quadrant Program is designed for elite athletes who are truly looking to take their game to the next level. This program will give the athletes the opportunity to become the best athlete that they can be. Athletes are truly separated by how much work they do in both the in-season and off-season. Let’s get YOU an edge on your competition by going into tryouts bigger, stronger, faster and more prepared than ever before. 

             The bantam program is crafted specifically for hockey players. Every movement and exercise will have a positive impact to the players on-ice game. 

Elite Open Gym 

  • The Elite Open Gym allows athletes to have flexibility with their in-season program, while working on a completely individualized program to ensure each training session is purposeful for the athletes goals/in-season needs. All athletes are run through an initial individual assessment and then a program is created specific to the athletes individual needs. 


Option #1: 16 Training Sessions + 4 JOGA Sessions 

Price: $399 + GST


Option #2: 32 Training Sessions + 8 JOGA Sessions 

Price: $799 + GST 

Interested in the Elite Open Gym? Schedule a Complimentary Assessment! 

Hayden Ursulak, Lindenwood University 

Kurtis Rutledge, SAIT 

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