Elite Junior/Pro Summer Program

What The Program Includes


General Preparation Phase

The first phase is the General Preparation Phase. During these first 4 weeks, we focus on rebalancing the body after a long hockey season. This phase aids in injury prevention and prepares athletes for the higher muscular stress in phase 2.

Maximal Strength Phase

The second phase is the Maximal Strength Phase. Using various strength training methods, this phase is used get our athletes as strong as possible throughout the entire body to meet the demand of playing at their desired level that upcoming season. 

Game Ready phase

The last phase is the Game Ready Phase. Our final phase of the program is used to get our athletes as explosive as possible using plyometrics and high-velocity resistance training methods. This ensures athletes are leaving going into the season with their game having a higher gear of speed and power. 

Other Key Highlights


The on-ice skill sessions will force players out of their comfort zone to develop elite skating speed, puck handling, shot power/accuracy, passing and situational play. All ice times are at the Crowchild Twin Arena.


Weekly JOGA is beneficial for all athletes to be able to restore and recharge their bodies and mind. JOGA accomplishes this by stabilizing the body through range of motion and decreasing stress levels by activating the parasympathetic nervous system. 

goal setting sessions

Athletes will be given the opportunity to learn how to properly set SMART goals at the beginning of the program. After each assessment, we will revisit their goals to make adjustments, add to them, and figure out if they are on the right track to accomplish them. 

4 fULL Body assessments

All programs include 4 full body assessments on each athletes. We  assess all athletes through a strength and conditioning test, body/postural imbalances and body composition. The assessments act as a baseline to develop the athletes program specific to their individual requirements.


Athletes have 24/7 online access to their program which allows  the flexibility to stay on track even while on vacation or out of town. All movements have video examples built in to ensure athletes are completing movements safely and properly outside of the facility. 

Athlete Nutrition Guide

The Elite Summer Program includes a nutrition guide for athletes to be able to start developing their own healthy habits and learning what fuel their bodies need to compete at an elite level. 

Athlete Reporting

We understand that it is important for athletes to receive updates on the progress they are making. Athletes spend hundreds of hours training to become the best they can be and we believe that should be recognized. 

Flex Sessions

At DASH, our goal is to give all athletes the tools and opportunities to get the most out of their programs. Every 1-2 weeks there will be 1 Flex Session. This acts as a “makeup” session if athletes were unable to attend one of their workouts. 

Athlete Lounge

Athletes have access to the DASH Athlete Lounge before and after all of their sessions. It is equipped with a place to warm up food, complete homework, relax in reclining chairs, charge phones/computers, play x-box or watch TV.  


Deposit Required To Hold Athlete Spot 




LIVE Virtual Sessions




Price if DASH Facility Opens.

If we continue online/outdoor for June, price is $280 + gst

July & August



Price is for both July and August.

Available Price Reductions

1 Week Family Vacation = $100/week (up to 3 weeks) *Not Available for May and June Online

No Ice Included in Program = $200 off July/August


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