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The Midget Age Group Includes:
Players Born in 02'/03'/04' (Community Players)

Interested in becoming a DASH Athlete? The first session is always complimentary!

About The Midget Off-Ice Training Sessions:

  • All Sessions are Drop-In Style
  • All Midget Drop-In Sessions are $12.50
  • Midget Players from All Community Levels Welcome 

Drop-In Sessions focus on increasing an athletes cardiovascular capacity, muscular endurance, and strength designed specifically with movements and exercises that are applicable to all sports. The sessions act as a great way to increase athletic performance and develop athletes into bigger, stronger and faster athletes.  

Schedule/How to Sign Up

Tuesday’s at 8:15pm, Thursday’s at 8:15pm and Friday’s at 3:00pm

Step 1: Go to https://www.wellnessliving.com/signup/dash_training

Step 2: Create an account and sign in 

Step 3: Sign waiver and fill in information 

Step 4: Purchase a 10-pack of sessions or individual session 

Step 5: Sign up for sessions 

Hayden Ursulak, DASH Athlete

DASH is a Community of Great Athletes and Outstanding Individuals. Together, Let's Strive To Be...

Confident | Passionate | Hardworking | Determined | Accountable | Adaptable | Mature | Respectful | Forward-Thinking | Independent

Contact: Zac Whitby

To Sign Up for the Midget Hockey Specific Training Sessions


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