Hockey Specific JOGA

JOGA is designed for to allow athletes to focus on recovery and regeneration.


Built For Athletes

The postures in JOGA involve a combination of dynamic and static stretching. The movements with the postures are designed to improve athletic ability as well as coordination. The movements are intended to build muscle memory and improve joint stability/mobility. 

Body Awareness

JOGA educates athletes about the mechanics of the body and how to move within the body’s limitations.

Injury Prevention

The movements emulate the cadence of sport and assumption of common injuries, resulting in the creation of unique muscle memories and helping to prevent athletic injuries. 


The unique cueing of JOGA is a building block for developing superior strength and fitness, and gives athlete a competitive edge. 


The breathing and relaxation components of JOGA give athletes the tools to sustain mental, physical and emotional well-being. 

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